Monday, December 24, 2012

Deco Mesh Wreaths

Deco Mesh Wreaths

Deco mesh wreaths are pretty easy to put together, believe it or not.  Unfortunately, in the north east they do not sell all of the items that help make your life easier putting this together.  The base of the wreath is called the work wreath, which is not sold "up north."  I got mine either from the south or online. If you cannot find a work wreath, you can use a metal wreath base and pipe cleaners to attach the mesh.  You basically just gather up about 16" of the mesh and then attach with each pipe cleaner, which should be spaced about 4" apart.  Then decorate as you like.  You should probably attach decorations, other than the ribbon, with gardening wire. The ribbon can just be attached with the pipe cleaners.
I have ordered my supplies from  in the past.  I have also purchased the mesh at the Carolina Pottery in North Carolina.  AC Moore and Micheal's sell the deco mesh, but do not sell the work wreaths.  There is much more variety online.  You can also use the deco mesh tubing as shown in the Halloween wreath (above) to brighten things up. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Decorations with Deco Mesh

Our Christmas Decorations

Deco Mesh Wreath
This year I tried using scarfing for our foyer Christmas tree, which I liked better than last year's ribbon.

I am also into deco mesh this year and tried making garland for the first time.  I used mini garland as the base to the wreath and then inter-weaved the two colors of deco mesh.  I also put gold ribbon on the top of the deco mesh that you can't really see from these pictures.

Cookie Exchange 2012

Cookie Exchange 2012

We have started a tradition of having a cookie exchange every year.  It's limited to about 6 groups, but we all leave with a ton of cookies.  Literally, you could fill a small tote with all of the cookies!


Normally I serve a pasta lunch with more desserts and we have a nice afternoon.

Here are the rules:

  •  Cookies must be home made. No store bought or refrigerated dough cookies!Fudge and candies are acceptable.

  • Try to make 3 (or more) varieties of cookies. Use your judgment for how many pieces to bring for items other than cookies.

  • Last year everyone brought their cookies pre-packaged.  This year, for the most part, we decided on a "grab and go."

Although it is more work, having three varieties really seems to work out.  It really only turns out to be about one batch per type.  It normally turns out to be 6 cookies per type per group.

Yes, that is the entire table and island area filled with treats!





    I always throwing events at my house and I always try to be creative and festive.  So, I decided to start a blog to capture all of my memories of events.  Hopefully you can get some ideas that can help you with your functions!!  Enjoy!